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Quick Start Guide and Installation

Installing The Aircraft

To install, extract the T-6 folder from the T-6 zip file into any one of the sub-folders in the X-
Plane/Aircraft folder. You could use this structure as an example:
  • X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Military\Trainers\T-6A Texan II

Installing the GPS Navigation Data

The GPS uses data supplied by Navigraph. Open the zip file “” and extract the
“KLN 90B Navdata” folder into the main X-Plane folder so that you have this resulting folder
  • X-Plane 11\KLN900 Navdata


The first time you open the T-6 in X-Plane, a window will pop-up asking you to register. Select the
Internet Registration option and type in the key sent to you to activate the T-6. You will have to re-
open the aircraft after registration is complete.

Quick Start Guide

For further installation and update information, refer to the Quick Start Guide included in your initial download or read it here: QuickStartGuide

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