** T-6B is now available

T-6A & T-6B Available Only For X-Plane 11 & 12

Simply The Best T-6

On The Market

To support our mission, we have developed a T-6 for X-Plane with unparalleled attention to detail.

Our T-6 is being used by current and future USAF, USN and USMC student pilots, instructor pilots, test pilots, as well as home sim and VR enthusiasts. It is also being flown by pilots in several countries including Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Israel, Italy and Greece. We continue to refine and improve our products using the feedback given by actual T-6 pilots, as well as VR experts.

The level of detail is so realistic the USAF has begun implementing our T-6A Pro in some of their pilot training programs. Several companies are also using it for training, for research, and in simulators. This is not the standard home enthusiast flight model. It is intended for USAF, USN, and USMC students who want to get familiar with the T-6’s flight dynamics, instruments, GPS, system failures, and practice checklists. However, we have made it available to the general public who would like the option to use all the features or just keep it simple, and fly around for fun.

Our T-6B is now available. We are working diligently to improve its functionality and we look forward to any feedback that would accelerate its completion. It’s already getting positive reviews, even in VR. Check out the Buy page to see the details.

Expect Exceptional Quality With Dynamic Features

Take flight in the Flite Advantage T-6 Virtual Model and you’ll gain more than just a high-fidelity, 3D virtual flight experience—you will also be immersed in a realistic, effective, and proven virtual training environment that is designed to provide realistic training advantages. The Flite Advantage virtual training experience was engineered around the years of civil and military flight training expertise resident within our Flite Advantage team.

Are you seeking an advantage for T-6 training in flight school? Flite Advantage has designed the most realistic and relevant T-6 virtual training experience available on the market. For the price of a few pizzas you can start your professional military flying career now. Arrive at Flight School on Day One knowing all the switches, controls and displays, all the checklists and radio calls to help give you a step up in flight school performance! We include both our X-Plane 11 & 12 versions with your purchase.

Exceptionally Capable Software

Flite Advantage leverages the industry-leading capabilities of X-Plane software to render the highest fidelity aircraft and flying environment visuals in 2D and VR. It’s also compatible with your subscriptions to ForeFlight, PilotEdge, SmartCopilot, and Cloud Ahoy.

Replicates Actual Flight Characteristics

Published performance charts and actual flight dynamics information were used by Flite Advantage to create the most realistic virtual model of the T-6 aircraft.

Fully Functional GPS

Get to know the T-6 GPS Navigation System in detail. Flite Advantage has invested a great amount of attention to detail in replicating the actual GPS and the associated aircrew interface utilized in the T-6A aircraft.

Unparalleled Realism

Fly formation with our separate custom Windows and MacOS plug ins, and leverage your PilotEdge subscription, with our Flite Advantage virtual training environment.

Accurate System Simulation

The T-6 model is accurate according to published T-6 technical specifications. All Flite Advantage virtual systems are replicated to reflect the systems in the actual aircraft.

Realistic Radio Communication

Gain confidence by using PilotEdge’s Live Virtual ATC to provide realistic airspace and terminal area communications. Learn what to say and when to say it in a real-time, fully-immersive flight communications environment.

What Users Are Saying

"The ability to study and familiarize with fundamental maneuvers and aircraft systems before hitting the flight line will be a game changer for student pilots like me, and will allow us to develop as pilots much quicker than ever before."

Christian, 2Lt, USAF

“The T-6A simulator provided by Flite Advantage offers an incredible opportunity to learn about and fly the aircraft before ever stepping foot in the real airframe. This is an invaluable advantage in pilot training when time and resources are limited. The attention to detail and accurate systems modeling allow for accurately simulating emergency procedures which exponentially increased my flying confidence”.

D.B., 2Lt, USAF

"Absolutely incredible!"..... "Light years beyond what we currently have in our squadron for training"...... "The flight characteristics are perfect" ....... "Everything works and is where it’s supposed to be."

(T-6 Instructor pilot)

“I got to tell you that we, in the Air Force, LOVE your product! The squadrons all buy your pro version and us flyers spend our own cash to get the ‘good’ version. It’s just amazingly useful.”

J.T. USAF student pilot

“…the sim has been immensely helpful so far. I try to fly my next graded event on my off days, and they have a real impact on my performance, especially on long stretches of bad weather/ACNAs. Keep up the good work y’all!”

USN student pilot

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