Refund and Support Policy (RASP)


This policy applies to, including any content, functionality and services offered on or via (the “Website”) and any Flite Advantage Simulation & Training LLC (FAST LLC) Software (“Software”) directly from FAST LLC or indirectly through a FAST LLC authorized reseller or distributor.

Due to the nature of electronic commerce, in that in most cases it is impossible to ensure complete return of the product, all sales are final. If a transaction reversal (also known as a chargeback) is issued via any payment method, FAST LLC reserves the right to suspend any relevant accounts and associated usage of the Software and/or the Website until the conflict is resolved. The extent of the enforcement of the refund and transaction reversal policies is at the sole discretion of FAST LLC.

FAST LLC will make reasonable attempts to resolve any issues with the Software or the Website that prevent the use of the Software or the Website as advertised within a timely manner. Support is available for the single-user, personal home use license sold on the website, but not guaranteed unless Licensee has a separate agreement under a Professional Software License Agreement (Pro License).  FAST LLC can be contacted directly via methods officially provided, including but not limited to the support email,

Purchase, Download, Use of, and Continued Use of, FAST LLC products and software acknowledges and affirms your acceptance of all FAST LLC’s Terms & Conditions,  End User License Agreement and acknowledgement of the  Refund and Support Policy (RASP)