Flite Advantage T-6A Texan II for X-Plane 11


 Flite Advantage T-6A Texan II – exclusively for X-Plane 11 and 12

For Windows, Linux and Mac (Please install NavData first before installing the aircraft)

* We currently recommend using X-Plane 11 for the best user experience.  (X-Plane 11 is currently 50% off on their website only)

The X-Plane 12 version is now available. The KLN900 software rewrite is finished! Thank you for your patience! Please give us feedback and let us know of any bugs.

Please note: Our custom formation plugins are not included with the T-6 download. Get them from our private Discord or email us. MacOS plugin is now available.

(**NOTE** The virtual model software sold on our website is licensed FOR PERSONAL, SINGLE USER,  HOME USE ONLY.  IT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES OF ANY KIND BY ANY COMPANY or by FLIGHT SCHOOLS, INCLUDING ROTC, etc. (Please see EULA) PRO LICENSE IS REQUIRED. Please contact us for info.)
We believe our T-6A virtual trainer aircraft is the best product on the market for virtual flight training. The level of detail is focused on providing a plane that can immediately assist the prospective military flight school student. Here are some of the more exceptional features the FAST T-6A offers:

  • Follows Dash 1
  • Being used by current and prospective T-6 student pilots, instructor pilots, test pilots, and home sim enthusiasts.
  • Accurate level of detail.
  • Systems failure menu – incorporates nearly all the emergency conditions for the plane
  • Flight dynamics and instruments accurately replicated (verified by actual T-6 pilots)
  • Operational KLN900 GPS – The only T-6 virtual model for X-Plane available with this, which took an immense amount of time and effort to create. (Separate Navigraph® subscription required for up-to-date GPS data. )
  • Functional RMU – (full function almost complete)
    • Capability to set frequency presets
  • Flite Advantage’s custom formation plugin available – allows the student to practice formation flying against their own pre-recorded flights
    • This unique feature in the VR environment is the most realistic virtual formation training available at the desktop trainer level.
  • Continual updates and improvements being made based on feedback from T-6 pilots and home VR enthusiasts.
  • VR Ready (within X-Plane’s capabilities)
  • PilotEdge® compatible* – virtual live ATC for realistic radio communications
  • Foreflight® compatible*
  • SmartCopilot® compatible* (requires purchase of SmartCopilot license for shared front/back linking
*Requires separate subscription – not included with the T-6 software
⇒We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
⇒Your hardware must meet X-Plane’s recommended requirements
Current Releases – X-Plane 11: 3.1.5 Sep 2021
                                    – X-Plane 12: 4.0.1 May 2024


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This is the T-6A Texan II virtual model for X-Plane 11 and 12. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac!

Disclaimer: Flite Advantage Simulation & Training, LLC (“FAST LLC”) products are not endorsed by or affiliated with any manufacturer of airplanes or aircraft or their affiliates, the United States Department of Defense (DoD), any military branch, or any Foreign Government or Foreign Military in any way. All FAST LLC products are artistic interpretations and intended for personal, entertainment, or educational use only, unless you have commercial use rights under a separate agreement. FAST LLC’s virtual aircraft models closely replicate actual aircraft, but are in no way intended to conform to any FAA or foreign government standards or regulations;  they do not replace real-world training in an actual aircraft. Users assume all liability related to flight training and associated risks when using this or any other FAST LLC product or resource. FAST LLC and its associates shall not be liable in any way for any loss of data, training failures, or training mishaps. Purchase, download, use of, and continued use of FAST LLC products affirms your acceptance of our EULA, RASP, and all Terms and Conditions. 

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