Building your listing website

This website’s concept is just for demo purposes, and listing functionalies are not included in your download file. However, all required plugins are free and available via included Install plugins feature.


General questions

  • Do I need to buy 3rd party plugins?No, all plugins are free from the WordPress repository.

    Only if you need extra features that are not included in the original plugins, you will have to purchase extra add-ons. Visit the developers from this collection to learn which add-ons they offer, or browse on Codecanyon for a suitable plugin.

  • Do I have support on Plugins?Sorry we can’t offer support on 3rd party plugins.

    All used plugins for the listing concept are tested by Themedutch, however we can’t offer support for third party plugins. You need to get in touch with the developer from these plugins.

  • Are updates included?Yes, all theme updates are free!

    As soon as we have updated our theme, you will receive a e-mail notificaton from your marketplace. Updates are available via your Marketplace account. Follow us via Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

  • No coding required?No, Brian is for both, advanced as newbies !

    Brian Davis Options panel is a feast to work with for both advanced as newbies! Almost all theme’s features and options can be regulated via the option panel. Just install dummy content to have an exact copy of our demo.

  • Can I get help?Yes, we’ve got you covered through support forum!

    We offer free and premium support through our forums. Feel free to check out our installation packages if you are too overwhelmed by all technical mumbo jumbo and you don’t want to install and set up your website by yourself.